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Can you imagine the world full of crying and shouting, under the control of power, covered with darkness? However, it’s not just a joke I make, It is the veritable describe of a world without happiness and laugh. So, just be happy, spread sunshine all over the world.


If compare our life to a pie, our all emotions to all sorts of stuffing, what do you want to make the most part of the pie if you control the process of making the pie of life? Obviously, the majority of people will add happiness to the pie as many as possible. Do you know why? It’s just because happiness stands for sweet in most people’s mind, including me.


Don’t consider it just as a comparison. It is the reflection of what you want. Happiness is a flower living in the sunshine and it is not difficult to reach for it. We have a variety of emotions like blues, anger, fear, enthusiasm, happiness and all of them would naturally appear when something affects our feelings. So, if we can change our attitudes towards things in the world, we can surely adjust our emotion in a good state. It means that we can choose to be happy if we want, as long as we can comment on everything in a positive way.


You may have ever heard about that kind of story that a patient recovering from a serious disease because of his optimism. That’s not a wonder. We can also own happiness, can feel the power of it, and the key to happiness is just in our own hands.


If we can be happy, why not choose to be? Let’s try together to create a world filled up with smiling faces and sunshine.



Nowadays, many female students are idolaters. In order to chase after their idols, they always do extreme ways. For example, they listen to their idols songs almost every minute in their daily life. With a smart phone, they do it when reading books, doing homework, having meals, and even walking on the road, which may have many bad effects on their health and even cause safety problems. Besides, plenty of girls think they like their idols so much that they chase after their idols wherever they go, just to get their signatures.

They also daydream of dating with their idols and get psychological problems at last. All of these are worth our attention. We should educate girls that their idols are some people who are lucky enough to be famous, and listening to their songs and watching their photos are the things they should do in their life. Thus, they are supposed to balance chasing after idols and their daily life properly.


Life is a mirror. If we smile to her, she would also return the happiness to us. But if we cry, she would be disappointed. Therefore, we should be positive toward life, so as to get happiness.

Actually, happiness is everywhere if we keep a good attitude. As we keep a good mood, our world will be a sunny land, which is resounded with soft music. However, if we are pessimists, well find our world is full of darkness.

While on the other side, happiness is not a destination but a journey. Because theres no paradise at all, but we can make a paradise if were hard-working and intelligent. So we should work like we dont need money, smile like weve never been hurt, and perform ourselves like no one can see us.


I always dream about returning to the past. As many people say childhood is the happiest and easiest time in one’s life.

Children show you their true emotions. They know what is compassion and what is tolerance better than adults. In their world all real thoughts are presented. They may easily have different opinions with others but they never understand what is animosity. They enjoy making friends but they never think about making social communication net. Every child talks from the bottom of his heart without evil plans hidden and never intrigues against each other. only in children’s way can adults make our life simple more real and more enjoyable.

I wish everyone’s heart would keep as innocent and lovely as they ever did in their childhood. Then the walls between our hearts can be broken down and the world would be a better place to live in.


Do you see the glass as half-full rather than all empty? The two different answers to this question represent two different attitudes towards life -- optimistic attitude and pessimistic attitude.

Optimism always leads to happiness, health and success while pessimism, by contrast, results in hopelessness, sickness and failure. Thats because optimists and pessimists deal with the same challenges and disappointments in very different ways. When things go wrong,the pessimist tends to blame himself, while the optimist looks for loop holes. The optimist feels in control of his overall life. If things are going badly, he acts quickly, looking for solutions, forming a new plan of action, and seeking for advice. On the contrary, the pessimist yields to the arrangement of fate and moves slowly. He doesnt seek advice, since he assumes nothing can be done.

Most people are a mix of optimism and pessimism. Optimism is important in all aspects of our lives. If you can change your mind from pessimism to optimism, you can change your life.


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